The Library

Welcome to my Library!

Below you will find a selection of my works in the genres Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic… and even some Romance. Some – if not most – of my stories are rather gory and violent. Reader’s discretion is advised.

I have a strong Wattpad presence these days (think of it as a sort of Netflix for stories), so you will find most of my stories there these days. Just check out the Story Widgets below – they will give you a snapshot of the story.

My Wattpad Profile:

Should Wattpad be down, you will also be able to find most of my free stories directly on this website (just scroll down to the bottom) where they can be downloaded as PDF, or in some cases even as audio.

Feedback of any kind is highly appreciated, so take a minute and leave a rating or/and a comment.

Take your pick and enjoy the ride. 🙂

Tales of Ruuin (Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy)

Cowboys & Dragons (Wild West meets Fantasy)

Various Stories (The Mix)