The Author

Hi. My name is Marco Baier. This is I.


I am a writer, game designer, trainer, gamer and mentor. I have been working at Blizzard Entertainment for almost ten years in various capacities; from Game Master, Creative Advisor, Writer, Translator, Tester to Trainer, and even as Lich King, although only for one (glorious) evening. 😉


I loved my work at Blizzard. Still do. It was one great adventure and I would not miss it for the world. I lived and worked in Germany, France, Ireland and the USA. Before my career in the gaming industry, I served in the German Special Forces, worked as a Manager and had my own little company.

I gave it all up to follow my calling.

I still follow that call, but now – having completed my own little version of a Hero’s Journey – I am back in Germany, in the bosom of my family. A cool job is great people, being able to be close to the ones you care about, however, is better. 🙂

I am a Teller of Tales.

I aim to entertain, to teach and help people.

On these pages, I share my personal story, as well as the fictional ones I came up with over the years. In my Blog, I talk about the things I deem important – like following one’s dreams, being happy and living a full life – and in my Library you will find entertaining stories full of guts and gore – and usually with a hidden message between the lines. I hope you enjoy it all. Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Have fun and see you soon.