Awakening (The Harvest Wars, Part 1)


“What would you sacrifice to save the ones you love?” 

This is the question that Bran, sole survivor of the Thirteen—the empire’s most famous band of heroes—and Brass, a gladiator sentenced to death, have to answer in the wake of a terror that almost destroyed their world over 10,000 years ago.

Follow at the heels of evil in this dark fantasy epic!

Part 1 – Awakening: There is no worse enemy than a former friend. The people of the Scarred Empire will learn this after almost all of the Thirteen, the realm’s beloved heroes, perish in pursuit of a great evil and are reborn as the very monsters they sought to destroy.

Series: Set in the fictional world of Ruuin, The Harvest Wars chronicles the exploits of the Skulltakers, infamous and fearless mercenaries, and the Thirteen, heroes-turned-villains who seek to eradicate all life.

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