Un-King is a story about Craven, the leader of the Skulltakers, one of the main characters in my series “The Harvest Wars”.

However, in this story, he is not the leader of the Scarrland’s most infamous band of mercenaries, but a solitary killer for hire, a Death Hunter. It is the story of the Skulltakers “humble” beginnings, shedding a bit of light into the past of one of my most favorite, cold-hearted, and tormented characters.

It is a story of betrayal and of damnation, a story of the weakness lingering within, and of the monsters, this weakness can create…

Enjoy and please leave a rating.

– M.

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Tales of Ruuin


Tales of Ruuin is a series of stories set in Ruuin, a Post-Apocalyptical, Dark Fantasy world of Sword and Sorcery, created by Marco Baier.

The Tales of Ruuin are set on the fictional planet Ruuin, a dystopian world of dark medieval fantasy, in which the walking dead are regarded as merely a natural catastrophe…

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Awakening (The Harvest Wars, Part 1)

Crusade (The Harvest Wars, Part 2)

Book Excerpt
Ruuin is a world that has lived long past its prime.

It has seen the rise and fall of many peoples, many life forms, many wonders and horrors—some of which have defied the gnawing teeth of time, lying dormant in the shadows below the tormented earth.

It is a world pockmarked by the past, with remnants of mighty civilizations standing long after their creators have perished, or lost to memory, deep underground in caves the size of cities.

It is a world of discord, where the rise of the dead is considered just another catastrophe, and where ancient magic and technology, too powerful and alien to be comprehended, lie waiting for those foolish (or unlucky) enough to stumble upon them.

It is a world too stupid to quit and too stubborn to die.

These are its tales…

From the author
When I started working on my first Ruuin story about five years ago, I had very little knowledge of what kind of world it would play in. I, just like a normal reader, merely followed my characters around, and it was through them that I became to understand Ruuin. 

On the outside, the world itself may feel very familiar to you, comfortable even… All of you who have read or watched Lord of the Rings, played some fantasy Roleplay Game, or have read books with a medieval setting should feel at home. Ruuin hosts warriors and sorcerers, heroes and villains, monsters and maidens, just like many other stories you may have enjoyed—but there are differences.

As I followed my characters along their paths and shared their perils, they, little by little, showed me that Ruuin had quite a history—a long and dark history. A history all but forgotten, even though there are traces of it everywhere, that linger in the dark like a terrible sickness, ready to break out… 

The Risings (of the Dead) are tied to that past. Nobody knows why, but the dead never sleep easy in this world and may rise without a warning. This has changed society in many different ways. In Ruuin, the curse of the undead is regarded as just another natural disaster, brother to storm, earthquake, flood or plague. It can happen at any time, at any place and in any number…

In this world, graveyards are built like prisons, and a mage can walk down a street, his enslaved Zombie servant in tow, and most people would not even raise an eyebrow (though they may wrinkle their nose at its smell…).

It is a world, in which exterminating the dead is as common as the job of a rat-catcher (and often held in a similar low regard), and in which the living pray on the dead as much as they do in turn.

It is also a world of magic and technology, though the common people of this age have a hard time telling them apart…

Magic is the essence of life and life the essence of magic, and those who are blessed—or cursed—to manipulate it can use it to shape reality to their whims. 

Much easier to use, and infinitely more rare, is the technology of the Forgotten Ages; waiting deep below the earth in ancient vaults, extra-dimensional pockets in reality, or derelict fortresses created by the former rulers of Ruuin.

The brave or the foolhardy may seek or stumble upon these catches of lost knowledge and power, sealed away by magic like some insect in amber; they are shards of the past and its forgotten secrets.

It is a world were a paladin, encased in plate armor, armed with magical weapons and blessed by the powers of his god, may find himself cooked in his suit by an archaic flamethrower unearthed by some lucky fool. Were alchemists and mages change life itself, the one with mystical powers, the other with strange drugs, ancient viruses, or strange devices that can rewrite the code of a being. A world were old and hidden secrets want to be rediscovered, but that are guarded by even older horrors that wait patiently for those who try…

It is a world of darkness, a world of surprises, of mysteries and magic and strange oddities. It is the familiar with the extreme, the fun with the fantastic.

It is my world.

And I hope you make it your own.

Marco Baier


Cowboys & Dragons

In this category, you will find stories about a little project I have been working on with my old creative writing group, The Murklings. Initially it was intended to be an anthology from several writers, but it was not meant to be. Still, I had good fun coming up with a western world in which dragons exist and to my own surprise (I never really liked Cowboys or Dragons) it turned out to be a fun journey. I hope you enjoy it too…

Cowboys & Dragons The year is 1888, in a world where dragons yet live. Although they were hunted to extinction in Europe and Africa during the Dark Ages, they have flourished in the jungles of South America. They are gods to the mighty Mayan and Incan civilizations, kingdoms never conquered by invaders, still as powerful as they were when Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World. And just as wealthy. It is a wealth that lures cowboys and treasure hunters south in search of fame and fortune. And more often than not, they learn that the fire of a dragon burns hotter than gold fever ever could…

Various Stories

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